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Goofy Loves Me
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22nd-Jan-2011 08:00 pm(no subject)

Sometimes when a teacher wanted help with something, it was better to turn your head the other way and look as though you were doing something extremely important. What had started as a good Samaritan deed of the day for Charlie Griffin had quickly escalated into an hour long ordeal in which the boy had spilled coffee all over the staffroom floor, slammed a door in his own face and accidentally photocopied the same page twenty times too many. It was the afternoon from Hell and as far as he was concerned he'd rather take a soldering iron to his face for ten minutes rather than still be stuck around after school doing this. It got to the point where the photocopying machine stopped cooperating with him at all, and Charlie all but nearly screamed in frustration and kicked the thing when the paper jammed in the drawer. How was he supposed to know anything about this? It wasn't like he dragged Milo around everywhere when he had suspected he'd have a very frustrating confrontation with a fucking photocopier. Anyway, Milo didn't know everything about everything just because he was a nerd and he'd get pissed off with Charlie if he did that.

The teen rolled his eyes as the machine beeped in protest and he practically ripped the paper drawer out of its socket so he could get to work on tearing the paper out in discontent. "I swear on everything that is holy, I am going to incinerate this fucking copier before the day is through. I am going to slaughter every copier in this god forsaken building before I can be satisfied that I can close my eyes at night and-" Charlie's ranting was cut off as the piece of paper he was trying to yank out of the machine tore in half and sent him stumbling back slightly from the force. Cursing, he righted himself and glanced at the doorway - sorely tempted to gap this project and pretend he died on the way to the copier. He became distracted, however, but the boy standing in the doorway. Oh, wow. Suddenly, it had occurred to him what the guy had just witnessed and he blinked awkwardly, holding up the torn piece of paper limply in his hands.

"Um, I think there's a demon in the photocopier." Was his quiet murmur. Oh god why did he have to be so awkward? He didn't even know who this guy was. Probably one of the new kids and he was also probably completely straight and it wasn't even worth looking at him for. How embarrassing. "Okay yeah, I'm just going to abandon this and like, find another place to do my photocopying okay bye!" Charlie forced out as he pushed past the total regulation hottie in the doorway and ran down the hallway, still clutching the ripped piece of paper. Note to self: don't make a dick out of oneself.
22nd-Jan-2011 07:58 pm(no subject)

Wandering through the halls of an academy that Emily was still not fully familiar with was probably not the best idea for a first day activity. Especially through the dormitories. (Though, yes, she had studied the pamphlet mailed to her word for word on the flight over, as well as the map that came with it. A pamphlet could only show you so much. A pamphlet couldn't teach you common sense, such as the small fact that Emily had been holding the folded paper the incorrect way, meaning she was standing in the boys wing, rather than the girls at this very moment.)

Emily was mostly mad at herself that she hadn't let the teachers assistant show her around. She was mad that she, herself, had insisted that she knew just where she was going and could get to her double room in a jiff. (Yes, the young fourteen year old had used the word jiff. Judge her for it, she dares you.) It also didn't help that she was one of the first ones there. And as a freshman? She was (literally) shaking in her boots.

Emily only had a few of her bags, as the rest were being fedexed over as soon as her father got back from a big buisness trip, which was why the bag that Emily was currently wheeling around only had her pure necessities in it. Which was why her face went pale when a boy ran backwards out of a room to catch some sort of flying sport ball mid air, and, just her luck, bounced into her, sending the bag across the floor. Because it was a little old and had been thrown around at dance camp, the bag's zipper snapped and some of her articles of clothing had strewn out across the surrounding floor as if that was the plan all along. It didn't help that it was packed to the brim. The boys face, beat red (look! they matched!), showed that he was just as nervous and embarrassed as she was. He even bent down to attempt to pick up her things with her, which was near impossible because... well, a bra had fallen out, and no teenage boy was just going to reach out and grab a girls bra without saying anything. Though he had sent her and her things flying without another regard so maybe this one would...

"S-Sorry." Emily suttered, (oh god, a stutter!), as she started to collect her things, shoving them as far as she could into her bag without actually having to further unzip it and cause even more embarrassment for herself. "I'm assuming this isn't the girls wing..." Emily brought her hand to her hair to nervously push it behind her ear and watched as the boy apologized profusely for the events that had just transpired. She could tell he wasn't lying with the lack of a tingle on her neck which made her smile. With this, she stuck her hand out and waited for him to do the same. "I'm Emily."
22nd-Jan-2011 07:46 pm(no subject)
The number one thing Bradin hated about Connecticut was how damn cold it was. Having snow that wasn't created solely for the use of skiing on vacation was fun for about a day, then he realized just how big of a pain in the ass it was. It wasn't even so bad, at least all the buildings were well heated and the walking paths were shoveled before morning classes. That is, until mother nature decided it hated the world and threw a huge blizzard across the entire country, screwing everything up. For some reason Bradin had thought it would be a good idea to venture out to the dining hall just as it was beginning to snow, and by the time he got there it was pretty much blizzarding. He wasn't going to admit defeat and head back to his room before he got something to eat so he bared the cold the rest of the way and reached the building as quickly as he good.

The dining hall was fairly empty, most people had enough sense to stay indoors, but there were enough people there for Bradin to not feel like a complete moron. He grabbed his dinner and was preparing to head back out into the snow when the lights flickered a few times. Right as he reached the door he heard someone call out to him, advising that he didn't go outside. Turning around he saw a girl sitting at the table nearest the door. She had a tray of food sitting in front of her and was holding a book in one hand and Bradin couldn't deny she was pretty. "Why not?" he asked, itching to get back to his room. He smirked as she rambled on for a good five minutes about how he could die of hypothermia if he got stuck outside and it was much safer to stay indoors and wait it out. Even though Bradin's room really wasn't that far away and it wasn't snowing as bad as this girl was acting he wasn't going to pass up the invitation to hang out with her for a little bit. Wasn't getting snowed in supposed to be romantic or something? He set down his food on the table across from her and sat down. "Well I guess you'll have to keep me company while we wait it out. I'm Bradin, by the way."
26th-Oct-2010 06:18 pm(no subject)

Come join the University to the Stars!

School work!

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